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What about Cross Breeding?


With any journey in life you will go thru good times and bad time, you will have lots of cross roads to face.


Thru the last several years we have been breeding our wonderful breed Shorkies.. We have had to face many cross roads and battles. But If we did not would it be wroth it? When you doing something great and the correct way it is Well worth it. 


Sometimes purebred breeder get offended by mix breeding. Some have good reasons after all they have spend thousands of dollars on 

OFA testing, genetic screen to ensure their fur kids they are helping produce are of the BEST of health and temperament for their breed.


It can be very frustrating for ethical breeder to see a unethical breeder or back yard breeder just put any to dogs together to produce a litter of mix breed dogs.  Because they want to sale a cheap dog and don't care about the puppy parents or even the puppy and they health issues they can have.


You will see lots of cheap and low cost shorkies on the internet and in news paper ads, some of these babies are breed intentionally just to make a quick buck. Some were breed by accident and the person who has them will know nothing about them.


I am a breeder that believes Quality is not done by accident but thru lots of education and experience, testing. 


We want every one to know that when it comes to genetic testing of our adults we spare NO cost. We never breed a dog that is NOT the best of its breed. Many of our moms have champions in the lineage, but that don't make them QUALITY. The testing that we do makes them QUALITY.


All my parents are our family member first, their little lives is one of the most important things to us. That is why we take the best care of them. We feed them the BEST food life's Abundance, our moms and dads receives the best of vet care including teeth cleaning, shots, wormings, genetic screening. When we retire one of our parents they are always spayed or nurtured before they leave us. It is our responsibility to make sure they can not produce any more babies. We NEVER let our mom or dads go to another breeder.


It is our passion and goal to produce the BEST healthy, genetic sound shorkie puppies we can.  By doing the above we truly are breeding  quality which is very different then just pet quality.


Most purebred breeders are offended by the HYBRID VIGOR THEORY..


The truth is this is just a theory and not factual at all. It basically says that purebreds are not as healthy as mix breeds.

In our opinion this is just a SALES PITCH and NOT true.



Mix breed dogs are NOT free from genetic disease due to Hybrid Vigor. We have personally been effected by genetic flaws in F1cross breeding. Before we started doing the testing we do. Dr. George Padgett who is a leading Canine geneticist wrote an article in Dog World

stating that mix breed dogs can have the same genetic diseases as the breeds crossed to produce them. He included information on 102 genetic defects identified in mongrel dogs and more the double the number in cocker spaniels.


If you run across a shorkie website or any other website, where the breeder has based their breeding program on the hybrid vigor theory

and can NOT give you the genetic testing from their parents walk away. F1 breeding dose NOT guarantee you a healthier shorkie. Breeding Quality dogs with genetic testing done make a healthier shorkie.




















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We offer shih tzu mix puppies for sale.

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so MANY websites About Shorkies??

Part of building a successful on line business is getting the people to your website. After all The internet

is full of websites offering the same things some not as good as others, but still the same.

 Every Shorkie breeder wants to be number one in Google when it comes to shih tzu and yorkie mix

 puppies.  The higher you  are on the search engines the better your traffic will be.  So you need to

build a a good solid approach to your website. One way you can do this is thru linking strategies. 


But you must build a solid ethical source of increasing natural liking to your site, because

 if you have a good  reputation you don't want to link to unethical business or an in unethical

manner. So we have  built many informational websites with shorkie content on them all

 linking back to our main site. On each of our websites have abided by and applies all Google



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